The Hi-Pointe of the Night

Tonight I treated Dyl to dinner and a movie. We went to Pi Pizzeria, the best pizza place in town (and the only to include vegan cheese on the menu, as far as I know), and then went to see the King’s Speech at the Hi-Pointe Theater. The movie was fantastic. I know this only because Dyl told me so; I fell asleep. This has nothing to do with the quality of the movie. I fall asleep during every movie, bar none. I even fall asleep watching The Big Lebowski and Apocalypse Now (Redux), which happen to be two of my favorite movies. It should be an official disease. Movie-Induced Fatigue? Anyway, as I (er, Dyl) said, the movie was fantastic, hence the 12 Academy Award nominations.

This was our first visit to the Hi-Pointe Theater, a charming single screen movie theater built in 1922 right off of the McCausland exit on Highway 64. We managed to get two tickets, Sour Patch Kids, and a drink for $5 less than it would be for the tickets at an AMC theater. My favorite part about the theater is the candy riddled throughout the place — in the front lobby and hiding in cute containers in the bathroom — and the little white dog wandering around the lobby (presumably the owner’s). I highly recommend seeing your next movie here or visiting it the next time you find yourself in St. Louis. You’ll support a local business and have a much better experience than at one of the chain AMC/Wehrenberg theaters, I guarantee it. And you can come up with a cheezy pun about it afterwards 😉

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