Butterscotch Bars

I got this recipe from Celine Steen at Have Cake, Will Travel. Celine’s a baking genius! And she experiments with alternative flours and sugars, which I have been trying out lately. These chewy bars use spelt flour and sucanat. I prefer eating these cold out of the fridge with a glass of almond milk. I followed Celine’s recipe exactly but left out the pecans, because I was making them for a NASCAR party at my mom’s (remember I’m from Missouri) and my family isn’t fond of nuts. Crazy, I know!

Although I can’t tell you who won the race yesterday, I can show you this, which I worked on with my family members who also don’t believe NASCAR is a real sport, and I can also tell you that the Red Wings won yesterday, in overtime no less! Pav and Bert won it in the end in the shootout. The “P” above looks backwards but I swear it didn’t before it was ironed 😉


2 responses to “Butterscotch Bars

  1. NASCAR? OMG. I draw the line at hockey. These sound delish.

  2. Haha! It’s pretty awful. I didn’t watch the race, but given that there were only about three big cheers coming from the other room during the entire 3 hour race, I’m thinking it wasn’t that exciting.

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