Healthy Tip #1: Drink Lemon Water

I got this tip from jae steele’s Get it Ripe (which I’ve been blogging about ever since I got it a few weeks ago — seriously, buy this book!) to drink lemon water first thing in the morning. According to jae,  the lemon water helps to detoxify the body (sour tastes are linked to the liver in traditional Chinese medicine) and aids digestion (the lemon stimulates hydrochloric acid production in the stomach).

I’ve made it a routine to drink lemon water before breakfast, room temperature or warm water is best as cold water “makes the spleen scream,” as my mother-in-law says.  To make the lemon water, just squeeze the juice of half of a washed, organic lemon (or use a reamer) into a glass of filtered, room temperature or warm water (you can add the rind even, if you wish). Not only does it aid digestion and help to detoxify the body, it also adds a tangy kick to regular ole water. Who needs coffee when you can drink lemon water?

Note: I use bottled organic lemon juice in lieu of fresh-squeezed when it’s all I’ve got.


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