Calming, Cooling Lavender Lemonade

I would like to say that this lemonade is so good that my dog Pavel was entranced by it in this picture, but he is actually staring at a fly. This lemonade is an absolute necessity right now — it is so hot outside! I took the dogs, Pavel and Hank, for a long walk after work and this lemonade plus the combination of sitting on the cool, hardwood floor has sufficiently cooled me down so much that I might actually venture outside again tonight. I fell in love with the lavender lemonade at Foundation Grounds, a local coffee shop in downtown Maplewood, but since this love has turned into an obsession, I decided to try making my own at home so I can enjoy glass after glass whenever I want. I am happy to say that it was really easy and tastes pretty similar to the real thing!

I had been waiting for my lavender plant in the backyard to flower to make this, but I grew impatient this week and bought some dried lavender flowers at Golden Grocer in the Central West End. If you’re going to go the dried way too, I highly recommend getting it in bulk. It’s so much cheaper and fresher! Golden Grocer has a great selection of dried spices and teas, FYI, if you live in St. Louis and are looking for a good bulk section.


  • 1 heaping tablespoon of dried lavender flowers
  • 4 cups of just-boiled water
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup agave nectar (or maple syrup)
  • ice (for serving)

Steep the lavender flowers in just-boiled water for at least 30 min. (the longer the better). Use a fine-mesh strainer or a cheese cloth to strain the flowers out. Add lemon juice and agave nectar to “lavender water” and mix (I store the lemonade in a ball jar so I just put the top on and shake it). Store lemonade in refrigerator to keep cold (I put it in the freezer at first just to get it cold really fast). Serve over lots of ice and enjoy! I ❤ this lemonade. 🙂


3 responses to “Calming, Cooling Lavender Lemonade

  1. Yum! And what a great photo 🙂

  2. Now there’s another lemonade to try. 🙂 I’m slow going on it since I usually stick to water and iced tea, but these all sound so good.

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