MoFo Blogs

I thought I’d spend today’s post showing my gratitute (that Festive Tart put me in the thanking mood) to the blogs that inspire me. Isn’t showing love to our fellow vegan bloggers what MoFo is all about?

  • Have Cake, Will Travel: Celine Steen and Have Cake, Will Travel are what inspired me to start a blog in the beginning! I discovered Celine’s absolutely gorgeous photographs and witty remarks in the summer of 2009, and I believe it was the Brownie Bites Cookies that sold me on Have Cake indefinitely. I was also intrigued by her use of tahini and the pb/jam combo in baked goods.
  • Oh She Glows: Just click on that little link to the left and you’ll be swept away to a land of bright orange pumpkins and whole foods baked (and no-bake) goods (and plenty of savory dishes to go around too). I love Angela Liddon’s stunning, color-saturated pictures and emphasis on whole, nutritious recipes, and if I haven’t sold you yet, she wrote up this PDF with every recipe you’ll ever need for your first (or eighth — man, I feel old) vegan Thanksgiving meal.
  • Oh, Ladycakes: I know I’m always talking about sugar-free this, sugar-free that, but Ashlae is where you need to go when you just want an absotutely a-ma-zing cookie. And definitely for special occasions, especially when you want to impress your non-vegan (or vegan — vegans need love too!) friends and family. You could also go there for the wit and the oh-so-pretty photographs, if you’re not so into the sugary treats (but c’mon, who isn’t?)
  • ThoraThinks: The blog of a children’s book isn’t where you’d naturally think to go for vegan recipes, but this is no ordinary children’s book. Nathalie posts vegan recipes occasionally, mostly raw desserts, accompanied by mouth-watering photographs, and her specialty is proving to be ice cream! This strawberry ice cream recipe is my motivation to acquire an ice cream maker before next spring. And Nathalie doesn’t use sugar at all in her recipes, so I can enjoy my ice cream with a quiet conscience.
  • Sarbear’s Journey: This isn’t strictly a cooking blog, but how could I pass this one up? Sara is a fellow St. Louis gal and writes with admirable honesty and humor. This is the blog I go to when I’m taking a break from the food (how could I say such a thing!) and am in the mood for all things crafty.
  • And how could I forget Domestic Affair, jae steele’s blog! She doesn’t regularly update it anymore, but the archives go back to 2005. If you’ve read both Get it Ripe and Ripe from Around Here cover to cover 40 million times and need a jae steele fix, now you know where to go (but if you’ve read GiR and RfAH 40 million times, you probably already know this).


2 responses to “MoFo Blogs

  1. Nice choices! I haven’t followed all of them, but i’ll be sure to ad them to my feed!

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