Tired MoFo

I’m exhausted, so no recipe today, but here are some food photos that will surely satisfy your desire to see food (but they’ll probably just increase your desire to actually eat food).

When will strawberries come back in season? Oh right, May. I promise next year I will do more preserving. Okay, I’ll be honest, I didn’t do any preserving this year! Shame on me.

Black Bear Bakery sourdough toast with pesto-infested hummus (that sounds kind of gross, how about pesto-kissed?), oatmeal and yummy-local cherry tomatoes

Blueberry pancakes with Michigan strawberries and maple syrup (back when I was living in the mitten state)

This MoFo is going to bed. Happy dreaming! (Does that make sense? I’m so sleepy.)


3 responses to “Tired MoFo

  1. Oh my goodness that all looks so good. I wish strawberries were in season all year round. I buy bags of the organic guys at Trader Joes, but they are not eve close to being as wonderful as fresh from the strawberry patch.


  2. Oh those pancakes look divine!

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